Learning Something New!

Every time I think about learning something new I automatically get into this anxious mental space, full of enthusiasm as well as excitement. It was the adventure of embarking on this new journey that made it all the more worth it. It gave me something to look forward to in the midst of the chaos….


Everyday, whether you may believe me or not, we have the opportunity of learning something new. We have the opportunity to start fresh. To start over at anything we set our minds to do, so long as we believe it. That is how simple it can seem. But we know it may not always be…

Deviled Eggs, Yes Please!

New Recipe I seem to always want to try new recipes, but always have this crazy habit of making it my own. Don’t get me wrong, Sometimes, I love the traditional way of doing recipes, but in my usual fashion, I did my own thing and created this lovely version of deviled eggs . I…

Morning Routine?

You will be surprised how your whole mood can change just by taking a few extra minutes in the morning and evening to invest in yourself. I mean, going beyond just the regular stuff. Yes it’s ok to brush your teeth, floss and wash your face, but that can’t be it right?. We deserve more….