Journal is for my love of writting & i get to share some of my many ideas with you.

One of my favorite things currently that i use is my Oprah Journal. It is so inspiring and worth every single penny. The motivation alone on there is beyond compare. you can check it out HERE or click the link below. Trust me, it will change the way you see every intention you have on a day to day basis.

Current Planner



The truth is that everyone is different. Whatever you think you need to get started do it. Along the way you will notice that you change the way you reflect and the way you remember to look out for yourself. The main goal is to do what works for you.

Make it something that you can continue to do without feeling like you are forced. In all reality, you have to remember that you are creating your unique experience. A space that you can rely on to vent and get your creativity flowing.

Stay Hydrated!

Lots of water all the time. It is our life force.