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My Current Snack!

Ever since I was little I remember hating peppers. They tasted so bland to me, and unless they were chopped up and not detectable in my food they would not get into my system. Lucky for me and my adulting years, my taste buds have changed.

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Bipolar Disorder

What do you do when you get a call from your child’s school and on the other side there is a voice that says to you “your daughter has been taken to the hospital because she attempted to harm herself at school”. As you can imagine, I was surprised, but somehow not surprised because I…

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Teen Suicide Prevention, Lets Talk!

Parenting, not quite what we expected at all. A parent never signs up for the full experience that is lived through the day to day as a responsible adult, trying to handle every single situation that arises. Most of us as mothers, for the most part, attain our individual style of mothering, that is definitely…

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Autism; Let’s talk about it!

As a parent, hearing that your child may be autistic can be initially nerve wrecking. It is something that a lot of parents may not fully understand, or may not know how to take the first steps towards getting the proper help for their child. For me, It was like hearing another language completely. I…

Hypothyroidism; Let’s Talk!

Hearing my Doctor saying to me, “you have Hypothyroidism” on that beautiful and sunny afternoon back in 2008 was surprisingly not alarming enough for me to take it seriously. Unaware of the condition and the symptoms, as I remember it, I had just brushed the whole thing off. In my ignorance of my condition, I…


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