StayFittMom LLC is a Limited Liability Company that was started by Cruz M. De Los Santos Back in April 2016.Β  Following some devastating life events that occurred, Cruz managed to see a clear vision of what she wanted to accomplish and went after it. Unfortunately life kept getting in the way, but the dream was still alive somewhere deep inside.

Staying fit was the idea that started it all. For Cruz, it was incredibly hard to make up her mind on how to get started with her fitness goals. One day she started to realize that there are many woman out there that are mom’s, lacking in the area of self care. With caring for Five children, having some health issues get in the way with trying to manage a home on her own as a single parent, it became more and more evident that Mom’s needed to be reminded that they matter, and they needed to take better care of themselves. Cruz began the journey of self discovery and self care, and slowly but surely her healing began as well.

Our goal is not only to bring self awareness to mom’s out there of their own mental, emotional, and physical health, but also to just begin to enjoy life and start to see things differently. Here at StayFittMom we want to give a bit of hope to anyone that may be going through depression, going through a divorce, loosing a loved one, or even an outlet to hear you guys out. We want to become a community of Mothers that care for one another; giving StayFittMom LLC the ability to express it’s own creativity and share it with the world.

If Cruz was able to pick herself up after a divorce and handle caring for her five children on her own, graduate from college, pick up every piece that fell on the ground and believe on such an amazing dream, then we are sure there are many of you out there that have the strength and capability to do the same.

So thank you for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy the content that StayFittMom is going to bring your way. πŸ™‚