Autism; Let’s talk about it!

Photo by Tara Winstead

As a parent, hearing that your child may be autistic can be initially nerve wrecking. It is something that a lot of parents may not fully understand, or may not know how to take the first steps towards getting the proper help for their child. For me, It was like hearing another language completely. I was told that my three year old son at the time may be borderline autistic, but that I would have to wait to see if he developed anymore symptoms or if I see the behaviors leave on their own. For my friend Cece, it was a similar experience. as she mentioned in our chat, “you learn as you go”. Sometimes there is even a sense of disbelief that comes over you, but you must push through it. That is exactly what I did and what perhaps a lot of parents out there do when things just don’t make sense.

What is (ASD)?

In short, according to the CDC, it is a “developmental disability caused by differences in the brain”. People with ASD tend to have a lot of problems with social interactions as well as social communication. They may express restrictive or repetitive behaviors , as well as some interests. They may have a different way that they learn things, move, or the way that they pay attention. Experiencing life through the eyes of a child with autism is impossible, but getting the proper information and taking the necessary steps to get the proper help can determine the amount of help the child receives early on in life. For years I had my son evaluated and only was diagnosed with a mood disorder and ADHD. Now I am beginning another process and going on this new journey to best assist him. Thankfully he is still young enough to receive behavior altering therapy, and that could make the difference between having my son just striding through life as is, or getting the full help he needs in order to live a full and productive life.

Parents, what should you know?

First, you should know that everything will be ok. As long as you can identify the signs and follow up with whom ever is helping you, whether it is the child’s pediatrician or another medical professional, you will be able to get the right services, you will be able to get the proper therapy for your child, and most of all, you will get through the confusing fog that rises from the ground. You may feel a bit overwhelmed, or maybe you are not fully understanding what this means for you and your child, but you should know that help is out there. My main goal is to share my experiences and share my story as well as other mothers and their stories as well in hopes to help someone out there that may be going through a similar situation. You are not alone. Believe me. I felt that way for years. Hopeless and in fear because I had no clue of what to do. It’s ok to seek help. And it is ok to get a second and a third opinion on your child’s diagnosis.

More Information

If you would like to read more on Autism Spectrum Disorder, please follow the link and start your research right here right now.


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