Learning Something New!

Every time I think about learning something new I automatically get into this anxious mental space, full of enthusiasm as well as excitement. It was the adventure of embarking on this new journey that made it all the more worth it. It gave me something to look forward to in the midst of the chaos. Something that could potentially assist me with not thinking about the negatives and focus more on the positive.

During the pandemic and during many of the shut downs and people loosing their jobs it was a bit harder to get motivated let alone stay motivated. I mean, not many people really woke up every single day with a bright smile while hearing the sounds of birds chirping away outside their window; the sun peeking in giving them a warm hug. There were a few days that did turn out like this, but on most days, motivation may have been far from reach. This shed light on the way things were going and made learning something new a possible outlet. Moreover, as I began to search for things to do and occupy my time, I found a few things that did catch my attention. Just like I found some things that became of interest for me to learn, many other people found things that they did not only learn, but are slowly becoming masters of their new found passion. The term as Latoya @jnx_nails and Yeissy @NailTox_Bar always refer back to when explaining how they got to where they are; “self taught”.

New Skills

I recently had an amazing conversation with Latoya, an old friend of mine from high school, I was so happy to hear that she had picked up the art of doing nails. Like Latoya, many other women, most of which lost their employment during the pandemic, embarked on this journey to pursue a passion and hoped for the best. From nail techs to eye lash technicians, to the styles of eyebrow or lip coloring, down to massage therapists. The list goes on and on. So many industries that before the pandemic it was almost impossible for anyone to get excited about getting into them, suddenly became their career of choice.

Homes became offices full time, and the possibility of being your own boss became more and more attainable. Learning these new skills opened up a whole new world of opportunities. I realized that we needed this awakening. We were shaken, but some of us woke up and looked at the bigger picture. The term “tomorrow is not promised” kept surfacing on many peoples minds, and any fear suddenly flew out of the window. That fear that creeps in every time you may have thought about doing something outside of the box. Who has time to be afraid? So we took that leap of faith and set sail on this new adventure.

A more promising future

I am super proud and elated over the progress they have made towards making their dreams come true. It is my hope that if there is anyone out there trying to get their dreams or goals off the paper and out of their minds and manifest it into their present reality; to find patience and to find grace to make it through. Like Latoya @jnx_nails and Yeissy @NailTox_Bar, many others took matters into their own hands and made an effort to push themselves and go for something beyond the norm. It is so inspirational not only for me, but for those that may read this and realize that they too can go for it. Whatever “It” may be for them. To finally push away from the mentality of fear. Your future self is waiting. Don’t waste another day.

Latoya Bunche




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