Morning Routine?

You will be surprised how your whole mood can change just by taking a few extra minutes in the morning and evening to invest in yourself. I mean, going beyond just the regular stuff. Yes it’s ok to brush your teeth, floss and wash your face, but that can’t be it right?. We deserve more. At least that was the mind set I developed over time. So I leaped and took that step of faith.

Do you have a morning routine?

I often asked myself why I never did anything else. From a very young age I was fortunate enough to not have to deal with acne on a major scale and I considered that to be a blessing. But as I got older I realized that I needed to give myself more love. Just shaving and making sure I was moisturized was no longer fitting to my personal needs. So I introduced myself to a morning routine of my own choice. I went in blind.

Did it help?

Immediately I felt different. I saw myself with more value and I felt different about the way that I saw myself in life generally speaking. It scared me at first because I didn’t realize that for so long I lacked this kind of self love. To explain how I felt a bit more in detail, I discovered a new way to feel present within myself. It was such a beautiful enlightening moment for me.

My thoughts

I’m no expert in life, but let me just say, for someone that was not a fan of mirrors or took those extra few minutes to feel present, that was life changing. To many it may sound ridiculous even, but trust me, you will be amazed at how difficult simple tasks get to a busy mom. I applaud those moms that do have it together and get their beauty routine on. I on the other hand had to learn a lot of things pertaining to taking extra care of myself and establish a morning routine for myself that involved more steps than just the basic essentials.


Just start! That’s it. If you have been thinking about learning a new skin care routine, go for it. Research what you like and what your skin needs are, and take that step. You can start slow or have a multi step system going. I started with just adding moisturizer, now I have two to three extra things I do that make me feel great. And the beauty of it all, I am learning more and more about who I am. So yes, my advice is to take that leap.

You Are Beautiful

Love yourself and Show It!

You are important! I am a strong believer that if you prioritize yourself and begin to show yourself love more often, your dependency on expecting those things from others will minimize. You will avoid disappointments, at least those involving your emotions for the most part; pertaining to how you view love as a whole and how it can transform your mind.


We have a podcast now!

I hope we can build a beautiful community along side other great ones out there. I hope to hear from you soon!

I hope to build a community and hear your voice! I have an email ready to receive emails from moms or woman out there that want to be heard. A quick rant, something you have to say to someone so you don’t explode inside. A message or a simple shout out. I am available to hear you and with your permission I want to share what you have to say to the world. We are Mothers, we are Woman, we matter and we are loved! Thank you for the continued support.

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