Believe in yourself



“Hope keeps us alive”


One thing that I can say is that I must agree with this. Hope is definitely something that a lot of people give up on over time because of different things that go on in our lives. But if we can manage to hold on to it, we can achieve a lot more things than we even planned to. It’s up to us to hold on to it. No one else. For the most part, I can honestly say that many of us did not have the opportunity to grow up with encouragement from a parent like Kanye had with his beautiful and supportive mother Donda, may she continue to rest in peace. However, there is such a thing I like to refer to that is called resilience. Once you can understand that there are many things you can overcome regardless to who is supporting you, you then begin to open up your mind to the possibility that you can actually achieve anything you may put your mind to. I was my own cheerleader for years, and that is ok.

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