Go see your Doc!


I am always big on self-care and mental health. As I may have mentioned before, I am on this journey to a better and healthier me, and for that I had to get over myself and force myself to go see my doctor a couple of times. I have seen over and over how people just ignore their ailments until they cannot take it anymore. We have to do better. Get out more, see the birds flapping about and hear their chirping sounds as you try to inhale in some fresh air without feeling overwhelmed about Covid for a moment. I did that this morning, and it was great. Natural sunlight for the vitamin D’s is also a great plus. Oh, and that big bottle of water can’t stay behind. Staying hydrated for me is a must especially after having the twins.

Yearly checkup time!

Depending on what day or month of the year you have chosen to take care of multiple health things, I would suggest keeping it the same year after year. It’s funny how I find it easier for me to just keep a specific time of the year reserved for just that. As a busy mom, it really helps. I mean I have to schedule multiple children on various days, but I get it done, and trust me it feels amazing getting things that important done. For the kids, I love scheduling the girls first and then the boys; don’t ask me why lol. I also like to brush up on any important health information that I may need to take notes on to maintain my family in tip top shape. No one is perfect, and no one is definitely super immune to staying at an 100% healthy status, unless you are one of the chosen one’s. So yeah, getting your check up and following up with what needs to be fine-tuned is a must. Year after year.

What do YOU need?

So, remember i mentioned something about brushing up on important health information, yeah, that is super important. You are unique and therefore require a specific type of care. During these crazy times it is imperative that you do the best you can to stay on top of your health. I mean from going to the dentist, the doctor, going to your pharmacy just to see what they have available for you. all of these things are super important. I brushed up on Hypothyroidism and the effects that it continues to have on my body, and I was shocked to find some solutions that could ultimately help me not only get better, but potentially not need Thyroid medication anymore. If you are interested, Hypothyroidism is the condition in which your thyroid gland; that butterfly looking thing by your throat, does not produce enough thyroid hormone to maintain important body functions. One of which is your metabolism. This was an eye opener for me, especially after spending a whole year in the Gym and after losing 35 pounds I gained it almost all back in a matter of three months. That was frustrating, but yet I managed to proceed with my weight loss goals. There are also more symptoms that can occur such as excessive tiredness, loss of hair or hair thinning, ill link some info bellow to get you more informed on this condition. But yeah, brushing up on what I need to do to stay up to date was very important for me this year. Look at what you need for yourself and strive to educate yourself on what you need to maintain your health at optimal levels, and just learn new things along the way. It can save your life.

Resources for more Info


Diet Tips for Hypothyroidism

Sadguru Explanation

Info on Hyperthyroidism

for those that may be going through this type of thyroid problem.

Looking forward to doing my own chats on Youtube to share more of my story and my journey. stay turned for that πŸ™‚ Stay healthy, stay humble, stay fitt.

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