Anxiety….Trauma Aftermath?

Recent research has led me to believe that there is indeed a deeper connection with what people go through as they are growing up and the effects that occurs after a child encounters multiple negative experiences back to back. In fact, I can almost guarantee that there is a direct connection with how those children developed their Fight/Flight reflexes, and ultimately slowly but surely leads to some form of anxiety and other things. I hope that what I am about to speak on does not offend anyone in the least, and know that I am only speaking from my own experience and from the information I have gathered in my research.

Do we know better?

Unfortunately, I would say that the answer is clearly no. As children, we don’t have full control of what happens to us, hence making each and every negative experience all the more impactful in our lives. If assistance is given at an early age however, I do believe that this said impact may perhaps have a sort of dilution concerning the way we may have learned how to cope with the negatives of life. But what about the children that don’t receive the proper help or guidance? They grow up believing that they must somehow figure things out on their own; closely relating to the reaction they may have to the negative things that occur in their lives. And of course, I don’t think this is speaking about every child, only because there are a few that do figure things out in essence and thrive despite the negatives that had occurred during their childhood.

stressed girl covering ears

Facing reality

The reality, no matter how harsh it may sound, children that grow up with their own perception on how to handle negative things that happen to them from what they experienced while growing up tend to shut down at some point. This leads to them having anxiety in some way shape or form. Some can live with their level of anxiety and function, while others need assistance managing and handling things.

Some great Articles to get some more info on Anxiety and what it means to have it. Knowledge and awareness can help.

If you or anyone you may know is suffering from some kind of anxiety disorder and are afraid to seek help, try to please reach out to someone or attempt to seek help. It is so important to recognize that as we grow and get older, our health needs differ and things that we may have not seen as important growing up can suddenly become a daily hinderance to us. Mental Health is so important. Can’t stress that enough. More content to come; bare with this busy mom of 7.

Foods You can eat for Anxiety

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