2 BBL or Not 2 BBL? part 2

Looking into this subject a bit more I am surprised at how many people are really considering this surgery. I see a lot of young girls going after this (hour glass) figure and in the process are altering themselves even before having the opportunity to start a family. That was one of the questions that I had initially. For those getting this surgery at such a young age is really mind blowing. At this point I’m beginning to understand how much power society really has over the masses as well as how much influence people have over others. It’s more than just a trend at this point. It’s practically a must for any female needing to feel amazingly beautiful. At least from the outside.

So no children?

I don’t think some consider this at all going into this life changing experience, and to be honest I don’t think it is a factor that it’s considered anymore. The way that our society is structured now a days, it is almost impossible to think of a future where we may look towards the building of a family; unless it is something truly desired and sought after. Between looking amazing (for the most part) and altering your body to fit the current standards of what is considered beautiful, stands the idea of what is truly beautiful in your own eyes. When I speak of society in this case it goes beyond woman and men. It is an illusion that is being sold in such a way that it has penetrated our deepest thoughts, triggering our deepest insecurities.

Some may say that their decision had nothing to do with feeling bad about how they looked, but I’m beginning to think otherwise. As I mentioned before, many people do get surgeries such as tummy tucks and other necessary procedures;assisting with the removal of skin that was left over after loosing a great amount of weight. But I’m steering towards the surgeries that are being done on beautiful young girls that feel the need to enhance their bodies for the sake of just “looking” more beautiful. why do they not feel beautiful?

What about men?

Men in general have had a long history of loving to see beautiful woman. Throughout history, woman become almost obsessed with the idea of what they can do to stay relevant with societies demands on beauty. Men in some ways, are partly responsible for most of the pressures that women feel when it comes to keeping up with their beauty regiments. It is as if woman know that in order to stay approachable or even to stay desirable, they must endure whatever it takes to achieve this outcome. The sad truth behind it all is that most of us do want to achieve this the natural way, but it becomes more and more difficult with the lifestyles we choose. For me, that lifestyle is motherhood.

Let’s be honest. Today we have to not only compare ourselves to other woman, but we have added pressure from the beautiful transgender woman that are blowing us all away with their beautiful looks. It’s just so many pressures from so many angles, but despite it all it all comes down to how we feel about ourselves. how much are we willing to do in order to feel remotely accepted in todays society. Accepting our culture and embracing other cultures has a lot to do with this outcome as well. How far are some of us willing to go to look beautiful? What is beauty anymore? Is it a well done up face? Is it a body that is curvaceous? Is it the opposite? What is beauty? Who made that decision in the first place?

I have seen so many mothers going after this (hour glass) look, and the excuse or reason behind their decision is that they have had their children and now it’s time for them to look their best. On the one hand this sounds great. Why can’t we do for ourselves now after so much sacrifice? But this is where my dilemma begins and ends. There are so many fears.

So many people are just not satisfied with just being themselves anymore. This is sad. We have lost our own sense of what it means to feel beautiful no matter what anymore. Now we have so many things being shown to us on a daily basis, that ultimately contributes to our decisions of going under the knife. Social media is like the daily poison that slowly entangled our minds into convincing us that we are better off just changing our image to just fit in.

Will I go for it?

At this point, I’m stuck in between wanting to explore some non surgical options, but even that is still risky. For many, they just want to look and be their best. For others, it is required to look a certain way for the up keep of their career of choice. But for a simple mom that just wants to look her best, it is still something to consider. This is what the world has come to. But to each its own at this point. In the end, nothing will matter but how happy you were and how you were able to be the best version of yourself without harming others. Still, I will think about natural ways to achieve my goals. Not too convinced on this big decision yet. But it is tempting. It will be a last resort type of situation for me. What about you?

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