2 BBL or Not 2 BBL? Part 1

Thinking about it

Society today is spiraling out of control with the craze of looking a certain way. To begin I want to respectfully say that this post is about my opinion on this subject, and in no way am I speaking against anyone in specific or speaking negatively about anyone who has undergone this type of surgery. This is solely for the purpose of information.

We’ve thought about it…

I’m not gonna lie, I have thought about this subject for over two years. Personally I have gone through my own thoughts on how I felt about my body, especially after having children. It is not easy ladies. You all know that in the back of our minds we do think that if we do something to our bodies we may feel sexier, more beautiful. Overall, just feel better all together about our appearance.

It works for some

Some women go through their experiences and love their results. But for others there is a different outcome. At first sight, those that get their surgery feel amazing, but over time they end up loving their results to the point that they get the surgery bug. This basically means that after some time another surgery follows.

It is what the plastic surgery industry looks forward to when ever they encounter a new client. It is an image industry designed to play on the insecurities of others. For the most part, some surgeries I believe are necessary, especially if the persons health is on the line. But for the cosmetic aspect of it, it’s just a trend that is literally taking over our lives.

Should I go for it?

This is the question. The same society that puts these images out there for us to reference is the very same society that condemns us once we actually decide to go for it. Not only are people mean and say mean remarks and comments, but overall society just looks at those people differently.

I just wanted to touch base on this subject because I am a strong believer in loving yourself and to get your self love to build enough so that you don’t get easily persuaded to do something like this, but even I have had thoughts about what I would look like if I were to decide to get something like this done. However, it is as if I am obligated to put the thought out there that maybe we really don’t need anything done that is not necessary. For those that loose a lot of weight and need to remove skin is one thing, but to alter your body in other areas is a whole different ball game. It is up to each and everyone of you to decide what is best for you.

Here is a young ladies story

Part 2 coming soon!

Shout out to her for sharing with us all her experience. And go forward with caution on any plans you may have to alter any part of your body’s ladies. And most importantly, do it because it is what you really want to do. If not please refrain from the regret of having done something you really didn’t need to do. Just make sure you are healthy when you go for a your procedure. The healthier you are the better the outcome. Or so I have heard.

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