Take care of YOU First Mom!

It’s been a minute since I have written anything, but I promise it has been for a good reason. Not only am I taking care of my 5 month old twins as well as my 5 older children, but I had taken a break from writing just to get back on track health wise. Back to school has been a bit of a hassle with getting my 5 older kiddies back on their schedules; as expected, ensuring that my health is in tip top shape to have all the energy to care for everyone has become my priority. No, really, I needed a break! 🙂

Putting myself last

For a very long time I noticed that I would put myself last when it came time to just live my day to day life. Waking up thinking about everyone and everything else but me, while draining my energy and slowly spiraling out of control with my health. This happens often. For most of us, we just live day in and day out without even considering our own needs.

Sometimes it even felt as though I would get judged by other moms; which is not cool at all in my book, but I just wanted to feel like I was doing my best. You want to be your best as a mom and human being. People pleasing can also become a drag, and most of the time You don’t even get a thank you for all the things that You do. Ouch! That hurts. Am I right! But we live and learn as always.

It is stress

Headaches came and went, thankfully they were not migraines, but after my experience in the E.R. a few nights ago I am convinced that these words needed to be said. “It was just a bit of stress” Doctor said. “find a nice bedtime routine and that it should help”. Since the birth of my twins I have not kept up with my vitamins and iron pills, which could be the reason for the headaches too. Let me not mention the fact that I need new eyeglasses. Either way, I just needed to focus on myself.

I’m thankful that I have this platform to get these words across to you all. And my hope is to shed some light on this very important issue that surrounds not only my culture but just all moms in general. We don’t take good care of ourselves. We hate going to the doctor. We fear hearing the worst. That alone is stressful. But going on day by day not doing anything and thinking that things will fix themselves is not the way to go.

Carrying too much weight

Are you carrying too much weight? Well duh! As moms we have this thing where we feel like internally we have to be the super woman to everyone in our lives. On the outside we fly with a cape, but inside we just want to scream and hope to not look crazy. For most of us, not all, it is just a thing we do from the moment we open our eyes in the morning. Being everything to everyone, and then ball up and cry or just cry in the shower. Enough is enough. You deserve to take a break. You deserve to take care of you! We have to stop thinking that we are being a bad person when we choose us first.

Start Today!

It can start with going to get a check up. Yes! Go to see your primary doctor. See what you need to take care of or if you need to get back on track with some meds. What ever you need for your health to be up to date. Next look at what you do to relax. Do you even have a relaxation routine? Find something that works for you and start. Even if it’s taking a longer shower than usual just to try that new body wash or body scrub. Do it! I’ll be giving more tips as I continue to get back on track with my writing, which by the way is one of my things that I use to relax. Just wanted to touch base and get moms to focus on themselves for once. And what the heck, do it without feeling guilty. Without you your family will not function. That should be reason enough to get up and get started :). Trust me, you will be glad you did it.

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