Mental Health Month

Taking care of you!

You Are Important!

It is nice to know that you are important and also that you are worth taking care of yourself. With this month dedicated to mental health, i thought i could focus on doing my checking in and speaking about a few of the issues that some of us may be facing. You know, with having dealt with 2020 and getting well into 2021. You are important! So lets speak about self check.

How are YOU?

For some of us, we don’t get to hear that question often. I know we wish to have that kind of attentive attention sometimes, but in some cases for the most part, some of us just don’t have that luxury. We may have friends and even family, but not close to us enough to get that kind of support. Ask yourself today. How are you really?

So what can we do?

What i may say next for some may or may not make sense. Believe me, when i first attempted to do the following it seemed impossible for me as well. What do i speak of, self checks. Yes my friends. This can be done daily, every few days, weeks, or even monthly. What ever schedule works best for you. At first it may seem hard, but once you get a schedule going that works for you it will make more and more sense.

You basically self check yourself and assess what you are feeling, going through, and if possible, come up with solutions that may make things better for you. With these self checks, you become more and more aware of yourself and pause the world around you. These days it is hard to do this, but if we continue on this path we will get worst at taking care of ourselves. We are already losing the contact with other people, we do not want to turn around and find ourselves going through so much that we cannot help ourselves anymore.

A few tips

Once you have those things you need to work on and become aware of more often, the plan is just to continue to do self checks to update yourself on YOU. This is especially important for those that have children/families and multiple tasks to complete daily. But also as important for our single folks out there. It is important to self check because as you evaluate things on an on going basis you will realize that you grow your self worth and your self image. Nothing is worth more than understanding how to care for you and do more of the things that make you happy.

Self Check βœ”

Write it down if need be. Get in the habit of looking in the mirror if that’s your thing and saying positive affirmations to yourself. For me, i like to write things in my planner and journal, which i will write about in the near future. The main idea is to acknowledge yourself and not have to necessarily depend on any outside source to worry about you. You are priority. Without taking care of you it is impossible to be there for others. Love yourself that much.

Some suggestions

*How do i feel?

*What are some of the things stressing me out right now?

*How can i change those things, if i can?

*Who is stressing me out?

*Who do i need to cut off?

*What can i do to improve my happiness?

*Is it reasonable?

*What are my current goals?

These are a few questions to name a few. You can always adjust to your own needs.

What is next?

Continue to follow up with me for more ideas to love yourself more this month with an emphasis on mental health. And remember to always enjoy the little things and to smile. 😌

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