Hurting? Look at what your expectations are.

Why do we set ourselves up for constant bad situations? Why is it that we sometimes find ourselves hurting over things we saw coming from a mile away?

This and many other questions roam our minds at times. Our hearts ache knowing that what led to the heartache was the very things we saw over and over and said or did nothing about it. What can we do when the people we love continuously disappoint us?

Caring too much?

Is there such a concept? Yes! I believe so. There can be situations in which you find yourself giving it your all while the other person is giving you either the bare minimum or nothing at all. When you care for someone or something, it finds a space in your heart and mind, and you simply want nothing but the best for the person or the situation. Example: if you get an invite to help with a fundraiser, your heart is in it, you are excited and naturally you put your best foot forward. When things don’t go as planned you feel a bit hurt because you were expecting it to be a success; seeing that you invested a lot of your time and perhaps your funds as well. Nonetheless, you are still happy you were a part of it. The same effect if it is someone you pour yourself into. You are investing in them by giving your time, effort, emotions, and even on occasion your funds as well.

How can we move forward?

Do we continue to give our all? For some of us it is hard to stop. It is in our nature to be giving and loving. Some people may see this as a weakness, but in my opinion it is a strength. Im not sure if Karma is real or not ( i think it is), but i can attest to saying that i have experienced good fortunes behind being the way that i am. Not to say that being any other way is bad, but it is what works for me. In fact, i can pin point exact times where my actions lead to me walking into better situations all because of the type of person i am and how i treated others. Well, enough about how nice i am, my point is that we sometimes tend to get hurt knowing that this is our nature and we pretend like nothing can be done.

We can walk away!

From anything and anyone that does not value what we bring to the table. The million dollar question is will we walk away? Where can we get this courage? Or does our heart always step in and advocates for our soul? For me, it is hard to give up on something or someone i truly love. So what now?

Take it day by day

The best thing i feel is necessary is to be consistent. Even if the situation or other person is not. Your consistency should be your rock and foundation, and eventually, whatever is unstable will break away on its own (we hope). I believe that this is a part of life. You shed situations and people as you walk in your new skin. Not everyone is equiped to deal with greatness and goodness, and eventually all of your goodness will drive out the darkness. So long you are not in a dangerous situation. In that instance is best to just go. But you have to be strong enough to know when enough is enough. Strong enough to love yourself more and choose you.

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