Finding ways to stay STRESS FREE during these times

Like you and many others out there, day to day activities have drastically changed in our lives. For some, things continue to run smoothly, but i am speaking from the perspective of those that honestly just don’t have the same routine. For starters, those of us with kids i can honestly say it has not been an easy ride. At least for me i can say that this is definitely not far from the truth. I had to find ways to stay stress free and to stay motivated during these trying times. I will share some of the things that i found and have done that have not only helped me with my journey to self care, but also have been so instrumental to my well being and mental health.


Please don’t find this cliche…. But people, you have to understand that getting the proper amount of sleep is not only beneficial for your health, it is a way to unwind and reset your body to face another day. I know a lot of people have been doing this more often than before, but maintaining a proper balance of sleep time is so imperative to how you face your day. I even include a few spaces of meditation time, which can help with how you think and how you feel about yourself. It has helped a lot, and trust me, you can get lost in the social media world and movies, which leads me to my second point.


Believe it or not, i made the decision to take extended breaks from social media and it has been great. I will post from time to time, but i literally have disconnected from the need to constantly look at my phone to go on social media. It can seem addicting and it has dangerous affects on our emotional and mental health. Constantly looking at the world from the eyes of others can seem not only intimidating, but in a sense it can lead to depression because of the unrealistic measures that are being displayed. For example, there are a lot of people suffering financially, and watching the rich and famous splurge may not be in their best interest. Or constantly feeling the need for peer approval and constant validation. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is a mental game. I feel refreshed and more in control of my emotions and my life by not seeing constant reminders of how my life is not and how i wish it was. We all want stability, but not everyone has that luxury. Lets not even get into the physical aspect of what is being portrayed in the world of surgery.


Before, hobbies came and went with no problem. Now, we may want to rethink how we spend our time. Finding that hobby that makes you smile is the way to go. For me it has always been cooking and writing songs. But as of late, i have just devoted my time to building my blog. I used to want to blog from time to time, but now i have made a new commitment to my website and it makes me happy. That’s the key word here people. Find your happiness.


It feels like christmas every month. It gives you purpose and in a weird way, satisfies that impulse buy feeling of going shopping. I subscribed to a few places, and surprisingly it is something that not only puts a smile on my face, but it allows me to have something to look forward to each month. During these crazy times, you need some form of consistency that reminds you of feeling normal and being a part of something special. Who doesn’t want to feel special? Boxy Charm is a great one. Only $25 bucks per month and you get great (full size) products to add to your beauty collection. For expecting moms, i suggest Bump Boxes. It is a great way to get pampered in your own home while waiting for your little one to arrive.


There is no way around it. Try your best to separate the two. Yes it may seem hard, but it is definitely not impossible. In the begining there is a lot of chaos because of the living arrangement and staying home a lot. But after a few weeks, i managed to separate the two and it has been wonderful. Set a schedule if you have to. Set alarms if you need reminders. Always plan ahead and make appointments at convenient times for everyone.

I will think of more as the weeks go by, but these are some of my main ones for now. Try these and tell me if any worked for you and your family. And if you have something you do, share it with us! We would love to hear from you.

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