What men think we don’t know…. But we know. Part 1

For any experienced woman out there, i know some of these things will at least come close to something you may have gone through or are going through right now. Bare with me. If you are younger than 30, this definitely applies. Read on.

The Lies

Now hear me out on this. I am in no way writing this to shame men and speak badly of them. However, i will base my opinions on experiences that i have had in hopes to shed some light on the issue and bring some healing to someone out there. Even if it is just one person.

We have all been through a situation where we are staring into the eyes of the person that we are with and knowing deep down inside that everything that is coming out of their mouth is a lie. Or at least 85% of it is. At first i used to feel sad, angry and even wasted tears on the matter, then one day boom. I just stop giving a damn. Seriously. I simply began to not care about the lies, and eventually the lies just wrapped the person up so tightly in their own crap that they just came out and said the truth. “I don’t love you anymore”. Finally, some truth.

The Side chicks

Some men dream of them, others attain a few, and a few think about it and pretend that the concept does not exist just to seem more angelic. Its all crap!. A man could have a go to person when he is in the dumps with his main girl, and then act as though he is not emotionally cheating. You is cheating bruh!. Anyway you put it. If you find yourself giving yourself to someone else other than your significant other, you are in hot waters either way. And i don’t mean friends that you and your partner mutually know. I am talking about people that your partner does not even know exists. You know. That person that you may have tried to talk to in the past but just said you could only be friends. That one. They keep her around for a reason.

Playing house…why bother?

Some men unfortunately ladies are just not into you. They can say it all they want and swear it to the moon and the stars and even throw a few dead relatives in the mix, but its still a big no.  Some men just want a warm bed, a warm “garage”, and some food in their bellies. Unfortunately, a lot of woman fall into this trap either because they are lonely, or heck, they just need to feel somewhat acknowledged in this cruel world. You know, the feeling of not being invisible. Its a beautiful thing when you go for so long without any attention and then boom, here comes what you think is prince charming. Actions will always speak louder than words, but even actions are questionable these days. They may be accompanied with pity and may still be not considered genuine.

Trying to survive the bull

These times are very dangerous times. We live in a society that pretty much just about anything goes. Recently i saw a girl rant on about being ok with just being a side piece. That saddened me a bit because i saw her drag her own self worth down the shitter. We live in a society that is openly accepting multiple partners and calling it a relationship. The time of being genuine is slowly becoming scarce. That is scary. All i can say is keep your head up and stay strong. Especially if you have children or are about to have children with someone. All you can really do is stay alert, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. And one day, if the lies, the crap and everything that is being painted no longer fancies your guy, he himself will have enough rope around his own neck to tighten it and spill out the truth once and for all. Sometimes being patient is the only weapon you have. It is better to be honest in my opinion and just come out with the truth, than to string someone along because you don’t know how to be alone. Only time will tell if someone is really down for you or not. And time is our best friend ladies. Stay strong!

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