Who do you depend on? Part 2

Why is there this sense of need to have someone to depend on so strongly expressed in our society today?

Is it necessary?

The more i think about it the more i come to the honest realization that perhaps it is this illusion created to keep our expectations at bay and ultimately make us vulnerable. Think about it, the more society displays the beauty of having people to depend on the more we actually believe we need people in our lives that we can depend on. As if it is a requirement to live. The reality is that we don’t really need people to depend on, in the sense that we don’t require others to do things for us. Yes we are in need of peoples help from time to time, but this does not necessarily mean that we must “depend” on them for ever or even for continuous help.

Interesting, explain further!

Well, think of it this way. If we were in “need” of people we could depend on, then we would never get anything accomplished in life essentially. When you have no one to depend on, it creates a sense of independence as well as self awareness that if nourished properly can ultimately lead you to discover things about yourself you did not know before. Things like your inner strength, resistance level, your level of patience, among other great things. Mind you, as i mentioned before, i am in no way against people who have people they depend on and have succeeded in life. I am mostly interested in sharing my opinion with those that can relate to not having anyone to depend on, and interestingly enough have made it. How did we make it happen?

There are patterns

Children depend on parents, but as they grow, their sense of wanting independence grows with them. Their level of social skill helps determine how they deal with young adulthood connections, and ultimately strongly influences the way they handle their adult connections for the rest of their lives. Changes may occur along the way based on experiences and decisions they make along the way as well. I mentioned decisions made ultimately defines the level of dependency on others, which in fact helps determine how much someone depends on someone else. So in essence, it can be considered a learned behavior.

I depend on….

Some people depend on their choice of God, and for some this works. Not to get all religious on you, i personally have depended on my beliefs to carry me through a lot of my tough times. For others this is unrealistic. Besides that, i have learned to depend on myself. There is just no other way around it. There are just things that i can get done that i know for a fact no one else will do for me. Things that if i had a strong support system i would not have to face alone, yet i have managed and have overcome so many obstacles in the same way. How have i been able to do this? How, if society focuses on having people to “depend” on as a must to be “normal”. Your normal should be what you live with on a daily basis. It is the decisions that you make that influence the outcome of your own life.

Try it

Try for one moment to think about your life in this way. For those that have people to depend on, imagine life without that constant support for one minute. Could you survive? Who do you depend on?

I am curious to hear from you guys. Leave your comments below!

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