Mama Cravings! Part 2

Is there any magic behind this thing or what?

Can mom and baby crave different things?

It sounds kind of crazy, but i know many mom’s had this thought at least once. Sometimes what we crave can be so delicious to us that we convince ourselves that baby will be on board. And boy are we wrong sometimes. “Let me just add some tomato and onions to this sandwich here”, and sure enough….right back out. Every bite. As expecting mom’s, you can even feel some guilt for having thrown up a delicious meal like that. You know we can’t help it though. I know it can be silly sometimes to feel bad about that, but for me, i thought about my children. Someone could have enjoyed that burger.

Can our cravings clash?

I do believe it can happen. I mean, think about the options of the craving. Do you want to go crazy and add extra things that you normally would not eat? Or do you opt for the simple menu options. I had thins thing with getting a Mc Chicken sandwich with no mayo, but i added Mac Sauce and tomato and it was heaven. But if i were to revert to the original menu item, it would not go over so well.

Babies have an influence in what we tolerate for sure. And in their own unique way, they help shape the menu we decide on throughout our pregnancy. I think its beautiful when mom and baby are on the same page. But we all know the opposite end of that. It can get frustrating. The very feeling of not feeling full enough, or not feeling satisfied because what you ate did not agree with the baby.

What can we do?

In a perfect world, everything we decided on eating would be well received. But we know that’s never going to happen. I suggest you keep a food journal to help you track your meals and how you felt when you ate it. This can help you meal plan and can help you avoid feeling horrible. This could be my next project in fact, so i better not say too much. But yeah, hopefully with that new insight and information, your pregnancy can be a little bit more blissful. You are growing a whole baby, and in some cases, mommas have multiples to grow. The journey in itself is not easy, so this should be a step towards making it better. Besides, you can look back and feel silly for dipping that pickle in the ice cream, and making your own party snack that could not even fit in your mouth. (Cracker, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle) etc. Lol. Trust me, you just get more and more creative.

Keep track of those cravings and see what works best! You are always welcome to share your favorites and your own tips on what has helped you. πŸ™‚

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