Mama Cravings! Part 1

Listen to your body, and hey, make it happy!


Pickles, something sweet, saltine crackers, ice cream, more pickles (cold), ….and the list goes on!

When pregnant, we often opt for those things that sometimes we can’t explain. We want something crunchy with a bit of salt and some flavor, and then we picture ourselves eating something sweet. Right after.

Why the sudden change?

I speak from experience when i say that you just want what you want. Who cares who says what. Am i right ladies!. At the end of the day when we crave something it must be obtained ; no matter what child wants the last piece of fruit in the fridge. Trust me, it happens.

In the given chance that you don’t get what you crave, you pay the consequences later. Oh, and lets not forget how we feel when we eat something completely different then what we craved initially. I Learned that the hard way. If i crave a salad from a specific store, it does not matter if i order the same salad from a different place. It was not the one from the store i loved it from the first time i tried it. So out it comes. You know. Every last piece. Or is it just me? Its horrible i tell you.

Pickles anyone?

With every pregnancy, pickles have always been front and center. I loved it in my burgers, in my salads, by it’s lonesome. You name it, i ate it with pickles. Its just the go to crunchy, salty, cold, delicious snack that never gets old. And to think that it was once just plain cucumber. Be you! But nonetheless it is delicious.

I will share more cravings stories, and of course would like to hear your cravings stories. Wether old or new. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Don’t forget to take it easy and take time for you to unwind. You matter! And if you are not well then you can’t give your best to others.

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