“Your child has ADHD”. Now what?

Mathew @ 8 months

It is not easy for me to speak on this, but i feel that it is very much necessary. I have two children who suffer from ADHD, and it has not been easy. It is not easy leaving your child in the hospital because he/she is having another melt down and you are not equiped to help them. As a parent you feel helpless and at that moment you just feel defeated. Exhausted.

To the left Mathew @ 3 and to the right he is 9

It is ok to feel tired. It is ok to seek help. I have dealt with my son’s tantrums and meltdowns for years. Frankly, it takes a toll on your own mental health. I had to realize that 1: i am not perfect, and 2: i can seek help with my son. I am not a medical professional, but over the years i have watched how doctors have changed medications and changed dosages on my son and still there is no real change. I have watched my son gain so much weight and also loose it. I have seen my child in a zombified mode incapable of functioning and doing regular daily tasks and activities, to having him ok, but still struggling with his different emotions.

What does my son have?

I began to ask myself this very thing. As i mentioned before, i am by no means a medical professional, but it is my gut feeling that my son has Abandoned Child Syndrome in some way shape or form. After his father abandoned the family back in 2014, things just got worst. I mean, he was always a happy baby full of energy, but after that big change, he just turned for the worst. I watched it all first hand and can pin point every negative impact it has had on his life since.

What can i do?

You may ask yourself this as well. Especially when you are trying to explain to the doctors what behaviors your child has been displaying. As a parent you feel the need to protect your child, but at the same time you feel obligated to seek the right help. I don’t enjoy leaving my child in the hospital, but having him home and not knowing what he may do next is much more worst. You can only pray and hope for the best each time. My tip and best advice to any mom out there with a child going through this, is simply to seek help. Keep searching for the best solution for your child. Never let frustration win. You are not alone. Believe me, i started on this journey with my son when he was 3, he is going on 12 in February. The older they get the more difficult things get if you don’t get help in time. You are the parent and you deserve that piece of mind. Never feel like you are alone. You are doing the best you can.

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