Self Love? Where do we learn this from?

We are told that this is an important thing to do, yet we sometimes may not even know how to. I know for me, it is something that i did not even understand. The concept was never introduced to me. Growing up i was too busy trying to survive. Nevertheless, i was not aware of how or what to even do, or even where to start. The point is that i was clueless.

It is a concept that we are supposed to get from our parents. They are supposed to love us and show us how to love ourselves. Giving us a sense of security. A positive sense of self. In the case of a child not getting much of that, they grow up having a hard time doing just that. Loving themselves. This in turn does not help with self esteem. Nope. Not at all.

Here i am with a couple of kids and nearing 40 and now is the time that i have taken to do some research of my own to dive into this self love concept. When trying to build a family and being a busy mom it takes a lot of your time. Time on many other things that distracts that one on one time with yourself. Important time to do this self love thing. We tend to even feel guilty when we think of ourselves for too long. Who made that rule up? “Oh now that you are a mom, just don’t give two hoots about yourself anymore”. This was horrible.

Kids grow up!

Kids grow up guys! Yes they sure do. And when that cute little baby turns into a bag of attitude and bad looks, you are left feeling a bit sad because you realize that you spent years giving your everything to your kids and not much time to yourself. And as they grow, sadly all of your efforts just go off with the wind. You do your best but then you are depleted. Emotionally, physically, and most of all mentally.

Without writing a book just yet, i just want to bring awareness to you mom’s! Stop and breathe. Think for a moment about YOU! What do you want to eat? Where do you want to go? What new nail polish you want to try? Heck, what ideas do you want to explore and help grow? Think about it. Taking a shower should not be the only escape for us. Yes i know, it is the only me time you think you have, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take some time to think about you today. Write a list down if you need to. But don’t let time pass you by without giving yourself the love you deserve.

Check this awesome video on self love πŸ™‚ click HERE!

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