What is Abandoned Child Syndrome?

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For the past three years I have had the privilege of researching information that could lead me to some of my own questions being answered regarding this very syndrome. Unfortunately for me, I came up short with finding specific information on that subject. However, I was able to start piecing a lot of other information gathered along the way, and I think that I came up with some great ideas to help.

I will not go into too much detail on that at this moment, but I will speak on the problem. As a child, I remember getting abandoned by many people. Ever since I can walk, I recall being placed in different places to live because my birth mother would not be around to care for me. There will be plenty of time to get into those crazy childhood stories of mine, but right now I just want to shed some light on how children get abandoned and how they change. I changed.

I was fortunate enough to not follow in the footsteps that most children follow when they have been abandoned /neglected and abused  in retrospect. I always felt different. Despite my many mistakes, and possibly my many setbacks, I knew that deep down there was something to the things that I experienced emotionally, physically, and mentally. I remember even getting evaluated when I was 6, and they determined that I was OK. I knew different. I was not ok. I suffered from panic attacks, went in and out of depressive states, and even tried harming myself without success (thankfully), because as I saw it, someone was protecting me from myself.

Cruz @ 6 years old

Growing up I was very reserved. I was funny, yet I could not keep friends because they would see me as awkward. I can pin point every bad memory to a point in my life where someone I trusted to care for me and  protect me let me down. It was constant. Like being at war with no resolution. and it was all mental and emotional. It was almost unbearable. I say almost because I am still standing.

I did not know what I had. I knew something was wrong, but I could not get help. as a child I realized that I had to push harder than anyone else around me because I knew that my resources were limited and my family was not supportive. I had Abandoned Child Syndrome and I suffered for years in silence. Like myself, I know that a lot of adults out there may have gone through similar situations, and in turn possibly went down a spiral of different behaviors that led to actions that either broke them to the point of them becoming addicts to something, or worst. They were also children that may have suffered from this and did not get help when they most needed it.

Abandoned Child Syndrome is what a child develops after being abandoned either physically or emotionally by their caregiver. Children that have gone through sexual abuse tend to develop this as well. Unfortunately for me, I had all the strikes against me. I had been abandoned, abused sexually and physically all before the age of 5, and to my dismay, the abuse continued well into my early tween years. Mentally and emotionally I was destroyed. Somehow, I had the strength to keep pushing forward.

Without writing a book here, I will continue to follow through with my research, because as fate has it, there has to be some kind of help that should be provided to help these children that go through this. I looked into my past and I thought to myself what would I have wanted to happen back then that could have made my life more bearable. The search continues, but the hope is still alive.

Click HERE to read a bit about what Abandoned Child Syndrome means 🙂

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