Your Mental Health is Important!

You may have heard people say that your mental health is important before. I have heard it so many times myself. Also, the mental health of your children is important. It is all important. But no one talks about the ups and the downs of what actually happens in real life. I mean, behind the scenes. How some of us want to pull out our hairs one strand at a time because we are just trying to make it another day.

No one has the answers. I am sorry to say it like that. but it is only the truth. There is no book, no blog, no magazine, no professional, no one, and nothing out there, that can prepare a mother that has a disabled child and is struggling with mental health. Even mothers struggling with depression and anxiety at the same time as trying to keep everything together “for the kids” so that we can seem normal to society. But the real truth is it is not easy. We do our best day in and day out trying to keep our sanity, while we are at the same time battling with different issues ourselves. And lets not get into life’s responsibilities right now. I am just touching base on motherhood.

I have fell victim to the system many times and over a period of many years, that it almost seems as though i have been on autopilot. It is in essence designed to break families apart, and in my opinion, it does a great job at making parents seem as though they are to blame for everything that goes wrong with their children. I will speak on this bits and pieces at a time, in hopes that someone out there can get some information to either inspire, help or even assist themselves with their situation.

I wanted to start the discussion of your mental health being important because it is the very foundation of why i began StayFittMom. Through my blog posts and my posts about staying fit and trying to eat healthier as well as different things i will touch basis on in my website, i want to bring awareness to mom’s out there and people looking for some information just to help them make it through. To make it through the day is tough enough. It doesn’t even matter what background you have, where you are from, your economic status, or even your skin color. We all should be more conscious about our mental health and should have the capability to seek help and to get information on what can better help us in our daily living. Watching a video or even reading this may not change a thing, but at least it is my goal to help you know and understand that you are not alone. even though some of you may feel alone, or like me, may not have a strong support system that you can rely on to talk things out and not be judged. I am here for you. we can chat, discuss ideas and exchange ideas on what works and what doesn’t work. Keeping it real.

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ leave any comments and lets get some conversations going!

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