Ok…. so I let myself go… a little.

Life happens!

sometimes we just can’t tell whether we are really ready for change, or if we are just thrilled with a moment that might seem to be life changing. Like when you go to the gym finally and spend a few weeks or even months. You feel so energized. Yet your mind is still trying to process the you from before and the you that you are trying to become.

So i started this Gym thing a while back……

no one really cares about how you loose pounds… really …. they don’t. You might find those few people that seem like they care, but deep down they are thinking about that last piece of chocolate cake they ate before going home from work. Or what about those people that are your “friends”, and yet they are lying to you saying that you look great and that you should not care about wasting money going to the gym.

What they really mean to say….

is: “I’m trying to get healthy and I can’t, and you sure not gonna get hot around here and leave me looking like a couch potato.”

I don’t blame them.

the reality is that this is truly a journey. It is a real journey. It is a path that you decide to go down on, and if you are lucky, you will get some good advice along the way. Chances are that you are probably like me, and everything that you may be going through is determined through trial and error.

As i sit here eating this small bowl of mac and cheese, I’m thinking about why I stopped going to the gym. Then I recalled all of my daily activities involving some volunteer work in the morning and work in the afternoon. I have put off going maybe because I just felt like I was going no where again.

Truth is i started to give up again.

This is not me!

i like to think of myself as a fighter. So my goal for this next week of the first week of 2017 is to get my behind back in the gym and give it one more try. Three times is the charm right.

i just hope that this time I stay in there long enough to reap my rewards and see great results. Till next time, take this from this post if you leave everything else.

Never let anyone stop you! Not even you!

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