Salmon ;)


What have I been up to…. well…..

Here is the big thing about me. I often stay in my zone hoping to come up with crazy ideas. this new idea was to buy the salmon and make it myself.  As you may probably not know, I love salmon. Yes I know…it is something that perhaps many of you have on a regular, or maybe even make often, but for me, it is definitely a luxury that I can’t always indulge in.

That is….Untill now!

I have figured out a way to buy the salmon myself from a local vendor, and I make it the way I love to eat it. Who knew that it would be that simple. I must admit that it was quite a big piece for just me, so I had plenty left over for tomorrow’s lunch, but either way, it was worth the $8 bucks I spent on it.

Mom, you can indulge in your favorite meals too!

Think of it this way, you may have been working out and working your backside all week!. As a mom it is always ideal to set a “ME” time during the week. And when I say “ME” Time I mean time where I get minimal traffic from the kids asking me tins of questions.

-who knew that when I had my son Aiden I would also have signed up to a subscription to the daily report. (The Daily Report)- all the events that go on with every one of my children. I think he would make a great anchor man.


Take that time mom for you. this week I made me my favorite dish and I decided to indulge because I do so much during my week that this plate right here right now is heaven to me. I’m not saying food is the only option for you. There is also some girls night out, the ocassional mani and pedi day, (when my pockets are not screaming for help), and even a movie. But after the week I had, some salmon was definitely top of my list.

I hope you are able to get that you time Mom! You deserve it!

Till Next Time

Mom of 5 here ;)!


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