How I Began

Part 1


Do not think too much on how you will do….and believe you can do it!

When i first began my journey i had no hope. I believed that everything that i could do for my health would be hopeless. I ate as if i was eating for about 3 people, and i realized that to even begin to stop eating that way would take a lot of will power and dedication.

“It’s Easy to Drink More Water!”


I was facing a tough decision with myself, and with the way that i continued to indulge in just about anything that i craved. From the foods that made me feel like a pig every time i finished eating them, to the foods that left me wanting for more. Those were the foods that had me imprisoned for such a long time.

Foods Like:

  • Pizza (extra cheese & Pepperoni)
  • Lasagna (Fully Loaded with cheese)
  • Fried Chicken orders from the crown stores( sometimes hot wings)
  • anything with glaze, Such as donuts, cookies, you name it!

I Know…I know…..

I need to not even mention the things that you are trying to stay away from now.

The reality of it all is that i made a decision. I woke up that very morning, put on my $6 dollar shirt that i thought at the time made me look fierce because it was black and it made me feel like i was already loosing a few pounds. I Put my work sneakers on and i began walking around the park. I had no real energy to run just yet, but the walking seemed to be enough for me back then. As i walked around the park, all i could think about was how i would like to look. I envisioned someone that had a healthier lifestyle. Some one who was stronger and smarter when it came to what she ate.

I felt like giving up!

So many time i looked in the mirror and saw no change. I became a bit depressed with myself and with my small efforts. I know i was making some progress because my energy levels were getting higher. By week 6 i was stronger, and i was able to start light jogging around the park. i had to stop a few times, but i was more determined than ever.

Me when i started my journey back in 2013
Me a few weeks ago at the Gym πŸ™‚

Making Lasting changes that stick with you!

The first change i saw was the change in my pants size.

I remember going to work one morning and feeling my pants falling at the waist. I looked down , and without really thinking about the progress that i was making, i said to myself that i needed to get a belt. I got the belt, but it was still loose everywhere else. So i went and i got a new pair of pants. I was wearing a size 16, and the pants i purchased were a size 14.

I smiled within myself!

I realized at that moment that i was on the right track. I stopped eating junk food,fried foods, and i started drinking a lot more water. I had not joined a gym yet because the last attempt ended in failure due to my lack of strength. So i decided that when i was ready i would join one again.

My coworkers began to notice a change in me. They began complementing me and telling me that i was doing a great job. Still deep inside i was not too happy because i felt like i still had so much more to go.

I purchased a Waist Trainer, and Changed my life!

After seeing that i was a bit more motivated i decided to buy a waist trainer. I had seen how many women and girls were buying this thing that was shaping their mid section, and was skeptic at first: but the idea of something assisting me on my journey made me feel hopeful.

I began the process of waist training in mid 2014, and i have not looked back. Soon after went from a size 14 to a size 12, to a size 10, then a size 8. Im currently a size 7. My goal is not so much going down in numbers, but being stronger, more leaner, more fit, and definitely more toned.

Stay tuned in for part 2! πŸ™‚

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