How I Began My weight loss Journey

I Started!

Do not think too much on how you will do….and believe you can do it!

When I first began my journey I had no hope. I believed that everything that I could do for my health would be hopeless. I ate as if I was eating for about 3 people, and realized that to even begin to stop eating that way would take a lot of will power and dedication. It was a mental thing. What my body was used to after years of bad eating habits.

“It’s Easy to Drink More Water!”


I was facing a tough decision with myself, and with the way that I continued to indulge in just about anything that I craved. From the foods that made me feel like a stuffed turkey every time I finished eating them, to the foods that left me still hungry because of the empty calories and no protein. Those types of food that you think for so long that it’s ok to eat.

Foods Like:

  • 2 slices Pizza (extra cheese & Pepperoni) three times per week
  • French fries (Fully Loaded with cheese)
  • Junk food
  • Fried Chicken orders from the crown stores (sometimes hot wings) with the cheese fries
  • anything with glaze, Such as donuts, cookies, you name it!

I Know…I know…..

Seems crazy, and I’m not even mentioning the things that I am trying to stay away from now.

The reality of it all is that I made a decision. I woke up that very morning, put on my $6 dollar shirt that I thought at the time made me look fierce because it was black and it made me feel like I was already loosing a few pounds. I Put my work sneakers on and I began walking around the park. I had no real energy to run just yet, but the walking seemed to be enough for me back then. As I walked around the park, all I could think about was how I would like to look. I envisioned someone that had a healthier lifestyle. Some one who was stronger and smarter when it came to what she ate. That person seemed so far away.

I felt like giving up!

I looked in the mirror and saw no change. It became a bit depressing at times, and I would get angry with myself and with my small efforts. I know I was making some progress because my energy levels were getting better, and soon the walking turned into sprinting, and eventually jogging. By week 6 I was stronger and was able to start running around the park. I had to stop a few times, but I was more determined than ever.
Me when i started my journey back in 2013
Me a few weeks ago at the Gym πŸ™‚

Making Lasting changes that stick with you is hard!

I saw the change in my pants size.

I remember going to work one morning and feeling my pants falling at the waist. I looked down , and without really thinking about the progress that I was making, I said to myself that I needed to get a belt, but smiled because I figured that my efforts were paying off. I got the belt, but it was still loose everywhere else. So I went and I got a new pair of pants. I was wearing a size 16, and the pants I purchased were a size 14. And to think I made it all the way down to a size 8.

I smiled within!

I realized at that moment that I was on the right track. I stopped eating junk food, fried foods, on occasion, and I started drinking a lot more water. I had not joined a gym yet because the last attempt ended in failure due to my lack of strength. So I decided that when I was ready I would join once again again.

My coworkers began to notice a change in me. They began complementing me and telling me that I was doing great, but I still felt like my journey was only beginning.

I purchased a Waist Trainer

After seeing that I was a bit more motivated I decided to buy a waist trainer. I had seen how many women buying this thing that was shaping their mid section, and was skeptic at first: but the idea of something assisting me on my journey made me feel hopeful.

I began the process of waist training in mid 2014, and I gave that method a try. Soon after went from a size 14 to a size 12, to a size 10, then a size 8. Im currently a size 7. My goal is not so much going down in numbers, but being stronger, more leaner, more fit, and definitely more toned. But it takes time. This is why you can’t loose patience with yourself.

Stay tuned in for part 2! πŸ™‚

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