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Here, we hope to give inspiration and provide useful tips on how to help balance your life and motherhood, while trying to maintain a healthy life and pushing towards achieving your goals. One of  our main focuses will be to support a  healthy mind set, to not only give you clarity for yourself, but also promote positive thinking through daily planning skills attained as well as different ideas gained from real life experiences. It is our hope that any information provided can give someone the tools they need to face life head on. To make each day count. To not give up. 

Check out the Recipes section, for some great ideas on what to make to help with your body and mind. LE will give you some real insight on what Cruz a.k.a Maj, has lived through in her life, as well as give you ideas on the do’s and dont’s of adulting and just trying to survive on a daily basis. Find some more tips in the Mama-Bear-Moments section, where Cruz goes into detail about her personal experience as a mom, and what obstacles she has faced and how she was able to over come them.

Checking-In will be a place where you can find some further inspiration. Don’t forget to check out the Services page to see how else Stayfittmom can be of service to you! πŸ™‚

“If you believe in yourself you may be surprised how far you can go, but first believe!”


As a company, we also have some amazing services that we offer to help and support the entrepreneur in us. Like many other mothers, there is an idea, a desire, a passion that you would like to pursue. StayFittMom is here to support and help those get some of the tools and skills necessary to make those goals a reality. Just having an extra ear, an extra opinion, or even a few extra ideas can go a long way.